Nazanin Afshin-Jam

Nazanin is an international human rights activist, singer/songwriter, actor, model, author, and former Miss World Canada.

In 2006, Nazanin successfully ran an international campaign to save the life of a juvenile sentenced to death in Iran for stabbing a man that tried to rape her. She has since co-founded Stop Child Executions to help put an end to executions of juveniles worldwide.

Nazanin is a member of the board of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, which helps eliminate racism and discrimination in Canada. She is also the recipient of several human rights awards, and has spoken at the United Nations and the European Union.

As author of The Tale of Two Nazanins, Nazanin donates half of the book’s proceeds to organizations working to end violence against women and children in Iran. She has an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and a master’s degree in Diplomacy with a concentration in International Conflict Management from Norwich University in Vermont.

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