Pain Only a Family Can Cause

by Reda al-Danbouki

Translated from the original Arabic

Reda al-Danbouki

Reda al-Danbouki

Throughout the world, there are many cultural and familial traditions that, somehow, become holy to a certain faith or religion. After enough time, expressing doubt or objections of the traditions come to be equated with a rejection of the whole religion, with all of its principles and ideas, and even of the god that it worships. One of these traditions is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), so often and erroneously adopted as a religious practice by my fellow Muslims.

A Long Way to Go – “Political Correctness”

We are so gratified by the impact Honor Diaries is making.

We continue to partner with some of the world’s most powerful activists.  Men and women of all ages and political and religious affiliations are telling us that our documentary is impacting their thinking – and that they will take part in supporting legislation and efforts which will protect and enrich the lives of those living with the threat of honor violence. […]