March 31, 2015

Live Podcasts

Podcast: Day of Memory For Victims Of Honor Violence – July 14, 2015

Interview With Detective Christopher Boughey, Lead Detective in Honor Killing Case
Mayor Janice Kovach of Clinton
NJ & Honor Diaries Advisory Board Member
Women’s Rights Activist Raquel Saraswati
Discusses Honor Violence
Jasvinder Sanghera discusses fight for a Day of Rememberance for Victims of Honor Killings

Interesting Audio Clips

Raheel Raza Speaks at
TEDxWomen in Amsterdam

Podcast: International Women’s Day – March 11, 2015

Full Radio Broadcast
Broadcast On March 11, 2015
“Interview with Heather Wood Rudulph
Journalist with Cosmopolitan Magazine,
Has Written about Honor Violence”
“Interview with Raheel Raza
Featured in Honor Diaries, Activist, Author
Founder of Muslims Facing Tomorrow”
“Interview with Jasvinder Sanghera”
Featured in Honor Diaries, Activist, Author
Founder of Karma Nirvana (UK)”
“Interview with Alimatu Dimonekene
FGM Survivor, Activist, Counselor”