Early Praise For “HONOR DIARIES”

“Make no mistake: The work of the nine activists featured in [Honor Diaries] is extremely important
as they fight for women’s rights.”
October, 7, 2013

“A film about gender inequality and the long history of oppression of women in countries around the
October, 15, 2013

“One of the thing(s) that’s important to remember is that no major world religion, be it Islam, Judaism,
Christianity… Not one condones violence against women. Or violence, for that matter!”

– NPR World View (WBEZ),
Alexandra Soloman, October 14, 2013

Women who have seen Honor Diaries – in their own words

“Such an important film.”
“A film like honor diaries brings the conversation home”

– K Sujata, President of Chicago Foundation for Women

“It’s so important that more people see this. Men and women.”
– Maisha Wynn from “Live to Wynn