Arielle, Indiana University: A “Collective Sense of Shock”

‘Honor Diaries’ is getting around.  A lot.  It is amazing.

But there is something particularly special and gratifying about our local screenings.  When university students, community organizers, religious groups and concerned citizens contact us to set up a showing of ‘Honor Diaries’, when friends, colleagues and neighbors take valuable time out of their to-the-brim-filled day and dedicate it to the freedom of women.


‘Some Girls’ Won’t Stand for the Oppression of Women

Jillian Lauren, a New York Times bestselling author, is taking a stand against culture-based abuse and the oppression of women. Raised in a typical middle class New Jersey family, she went down an unexpected road, dropping out of college, becoming an escort and spending a year and a half living in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.


Jaafari Law in Iraq – A Giant Leap Backwards

If anything can be said for Iraq’s new Jaafari personal status law, it is that the scandalous and shocking new slew of rights which may be afforded to men at the expense of women and girls is drawing international attention to the unilateral usurpation of freedoms and subjugation of females which is still extant and flourishing in the world today.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – the Battle Against Child Marriage

Many little girls in the western world dream of the day when they will become brides, imagining themselves the most beautiful, special, and celebrated person in the world on that magical day.

However, for many girls around the world, marriage is not far away – and with it, all the responsibilities and duties of a wife. […]

Huffington Post Takes Up the Fight Against Honor Violence, Features ‘Honor Diaries’

The recent increase in coverage of the severe harms and ongoing threat of honor violence to women and girls which is taking place in the United States is very heartening.

Up until now, the overwhelming majority of attention the western world has given to the plight of women and girls who fight to survive in cultures dominated by “honor” has come from the United Kingdom and publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and the BBC.

‘Honor Diaries’ at the House of Commons in London!

On March 6th, Honor Diaries had the distinct privilege and true honor of being invited for a screening at the House of Commons.

We were gratified to see Members of Parliament, journalists, business leaders, barristers, and even a baroness in attendance, highlighting the strength of the message that all women deserve to live in freedom – and that all of us have a part to play in making that happen.


A Long Way to Go – “Political Correctness”

We are so gratified by the impact Honor Diaries is making.

We continue to partner with some of the world’s most powerful activists.  Men and women of all ages and political and religious affiliations are telling us that our documentary is impacting their thinking – and that they will take part in supporting legislation and efforts which will protect and enrich the lives of those living with the threat of honor violence. […]

Paula Returns – Honor Diaries at the Chicago International Film Festival

I’ve made it home from our world premiere at the illustrious Chicago International Film Festival and am still riding the wave of all the positive feedback for Honor Diaries.

I am delighted that we sold out both of our film festival showings, and that so many different types of people came to learn about honor violence and show their support for women and girls worldwide: moms, dads, students, new immigrants, young and old, people from all walks of life, religious beliefs, and backgrounds. […]