Witness: A Poem

We are happy to feature this beautiful poem
written and sent to us by one of our supporters! 

Witness… for Faranza Parveen

On this rock on which I also stand,
but moments ago,
a woman was stoned to death.

I was not there to see her fall
or notice the crimson halo grow
in rivulets among the sun-hard stones.

I was not close enough to hear
the fetal heartbeat cease inside her.

I did not witness the officials
standing by…
their minds and their hearts averted.

I could not ask her relations
how it can be
that honor trumps love,
respect, empathy, connection…
and what it was, exactly
that had been satisfied?

 I am standing on this same rock..
I was not there,
I did not see…
but know that I am watching…
and my voice is loud. 

Liz Webber, Canada