‘Honor Diaries’ Paula Kweskin Heads to Chicago International Film Festival!

Paula Kweskin

I can’t believe that in just a few days, ‘Honor Diaries’ will be screened at the illustrious Chicago International Film Festival. I am so excited to arrive in the Windy City and to bring this film to the public – and with it, the hearts, hopes, and heroism of the activists who put their lives on the line to give a voice to their sisters who languish in silence.

The first reviews are coming out. The LA Times saw our film and said: “The stories in ‘Honor Diaries’ should horrify viewers and will succeed in raising awareness to atrocities happening around the world.”

We are glad they think so. With so many women and girls’ living under the threat of honor violence, it is a goal we must achieve.

As so many beautiful, meaningful, important and powerful films grace the screen in Chicago, we bring our message in the hope that it will gain real traction and that we will get swiftly and seriously on the road to bringing solutions to the women and girls who need them most.

I look forward to meeting the many Chicago-area residents who have reached out to us on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t wait to see the packed theaters of good people absorbing our message (there are still some tickets available! Purchase here).

And when it’s all over, I hope I will be able to return to our brave activists and tell them that they have been heard, and that the time for change has finally arrived.

See you in Chicago! — Paula