First Coptic Woman Elected into Egypt’s Parliament

Muna Jab’alla
The First Coptic Woman to be Directly Elected to Egypt’s Parliament

By Wael Nadee
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The Supreme Election Committee, which oversees parliamentary elections in Egypt announced, on Friday 11th December, the victory of the Free Egyptians Party’s candidate, lawyer Muna Jab’alla, in the second round of voting.


Jab’alla won a seat in the Cairo province after receiving 13,759 votes. Jab’alla said “It’s time to get to work, and we will build Egypt no matter the cost. I’d like to thank the residents of my district who put their confidence in me, and whose votes I consider to be a crown on my head, and a stamp of approval. My victory in the legislative elections proves that Egyptians are like one fabric.”


She emphasized the need to rely on collective action, and to use new technologies in the service of Egypt.


Jab’alla is the first Coptic woman in the history of Egypt’s parliament to be directly elected, rather than as part of a party list.


There are a total of 36 Coptic candidates who were elected, 12 of whom were directly elected and 24 of whom were as part of party lists, an unprecedented result in Egypt’s history.


It is noteworthy that Jab’alla is an alumna of the Law faculty of Ein-Shams University, graduating in 1992, and worked as a lawyer until joining the Free Egypt Party and its political bureau.