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by Jasvinder Sanghera CBE   January 26, 2017   Up until last week, I had never heard of Linda Sarsour, the controversial co-chair of the global women’s march. But then supporters of my charity (Karma Nirvana) shared their shock and outrage over Ms. Sarsour’s attacks on the film Honor Diaries, a film in which I Read more about LINDA SARSOUR TRIES TO SILENCE WOMEN (LIKE ME)[…]

Honor Diaries Takes Best Documentary Film at New Festival

This is the latest award for the Clarion Project film about nine women’s rights activists. If you haven’t already seen it, click on the link in this news item.   Abraham Lincoln supposedly said “Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.” Recognition of the work that we do Read more about Honor Diaries Takes Best Documentary Film at New Festival[…]

Forbidden: A New Film About Honor Violence

Forbidden Trailer: Forbidden is a short dramatic thriller that follows a Sikh woman named Jasleen, who is running away with her Muslim lover, Fahwaz. Jasleen’s culture and religious conscious parents want her to marry within the Sikh community, and are shocked when she suddenly disappears. After Jasleen and Fahwaz elope, they think they’ve found happiness—but Jasleen’s family tracks the couple Read more about Forbidden: A New Film About Honor Violence[…]

An Honour Code for Tyranny

By: Minakshi Das

This year at the Oscars, A Girl in the River: Price of Forgiveness caught the world’s attention. It was based on the true story of Saba Qaiser, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the face by her father and her uncle for eloping with a man she loved- but she survived. […]

Arabic Essay Competition: 2nd Place

The Concept of Honor   Written By: Asia Ashour Translated From Arabic To English   “Honor” in our society is especially applied to women, and less so to men. Men who commit horrible acts are often excused simply because they are male.   When I reached puberty, I found myself metaphorically surrounded by walls and in Read more about Arabic Essay Competition: 2nd Place[…]

Where’s The ‘Honor’ In Killing?

What could possibly motivate a mother to pour kerosene on her own daughter, and then set her alight? And why are similar events – so-called ‘honor killings’ – on the increase, and not being vociferously opposed? Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in reports of honor killings in Pakistan. Whether this is a ‘real’ Read more about Where’s The ‘Honor’ In Killing?[…]


By: Paula Kweskin and Amanda Hernandez


Four years ago, the world watched the Arab Spring unfold.  Human rights activists around the globe anticipated and hoped for revolutionary action in the Middle East.  A movement that began at a small produce stand in Tunisia caused dictators to fall in Libya and Egypt, while causing others to strengthen extreme policies in order to quell growing dissent.


Village Church

An Iraqi-Christian Woman’s Life After ISIS

Interview with Rita:

An Iraqi-Christian Woman’s Life After ISIS

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.56.04 PM

HD:  Rita, tell us about yourself and your life.

Rita:  I’m a girl in my early 20s: very ambitious and smart, according to what people say. I had a bitter childhood, filled with family struggles. I was living in Mosul after ISIS gained control. We managed to escape to Kurdistan. Our village was freed, but we could not return because of the remaining threat.

The Author

My Not Dear Father: Arabic Essay Contest Winner

By Evan Darraji

I’m calling you ‘my not dear father’ because, to me, you are nothing more than the biological causation of my existence in this world. Your efforts to program me and train me for many years, like an ideological machine that was programmed to do this work, was not out of love from me; you did it to get personal pleasure, as your religion dictates. You liked using this tool in order to be the head of the family, where there are few females, in order to prove your male tribal existence, and to fulfil your duty in training the women to be obedient.

We Recommend: Half Widow, The Film


A feature film by DANISH RENZU


In the majestic Himalayan mountain range that spans India from the North all the way to the East, we focus in on the incredibly beautiful state of Kashmir in the North, the abode of Mystics and artisans but also raked with political turmoil. The land where tourists flock for vacations and it was a sought after landscape for decades, for many Bollywood movies.


You’ll be Shocked by Why This Egyptian Family Ties Their 5 Year Old Daughter Up

The family of Rada abd el-Wahhab Mahmud, aged 5, has a serious problem. Their daughter has to be tied up with a rope to prevent her from running out of the house in Kom Ombo, Egypt. Every time the door is open she makes a run for it. Her mother is worried that the girl will Read more about You’ll be Shocked by Why This Egyptian Family Ties Their 5 Year Old Daughter Up[…]

Giving Dignity & Respect to Victims of Honor-Based-Violence

By Raheel Raza


Shakespeare said “Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear.”


Remembrance Day is celebrated in many countries to commemorate and keep alive the memories of those who sacrificed their lives. It’s a wonderful concept. In Canada we wear red poppies to remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. Many events are held world-wide as citizens stand to attention and pay respects to the departed souls.


Egyptian Lawyer Visits Town of FGM Victim

On Anti-FGM Day in Egypt, I visited the city where Soheir el-Batea lived. Soheir was the victim that spurred the first triumphant female genital mutilation trial in Egypt’s history, and I am the lawyer that argued in her defense. Accompanied by two French journalists, we went to see the aftermath of the court ruling ourselves, specifically interested in its effect on the people and its effect on the doctor.


Turkish Women Fight Back

honor-killing-protest-pakistan-HP_0When the story of Ozgecan Aslan came to light, the first reaction was shock. A young woman got on a bus, and was murdered by her would be rapist. Just for fighting back.

The mutilated burned corpse of the 20 year-old psychology student was too horrible to contemplate. How had something like this happened?


The Silent Despair of Abused Women & the Way to Stop It

This past Sunday, February 1, marked the forty-ninth Super Bowl, and occupied millions of Americans in front of their television sets. However, inconspicuously during the first break in the second quarter something radically important lit up television screens, and left a powerful but chilling message (hopefully resonating in the minds of millions watching).


Pain Only a Family Can Cause

by Reda al-Danbouki

Translated from the original Arabic

Reda al-Danbouki

Reda al-Danbouki

Throughout the world, there are many cultural and familial traditions that, somehow, become holy to a certain faith or religion. After enough time, expressing doubt or objections of the traditions come to be equated with a rejection of the whole religion, with all of its principles and ideas, and even of the god that it worships. One of these traditions is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), so often and erroneously adopted as a religious practice by my fellow Muslims.

Calling out Corruption and Misogyny by Unifying the People

Thank you to Rachel Chanel Adams of Women’s Voices Now for this post:

Oppression, especially when undercover and covert, is often perpetuated in the very places where promises are made to eradicate this social ill: in the halls of government, from the mouths of elected or appointed officials, and in the content of public policy, for example. In Saudi Arabia, women are denied basic rights through customary law, such as the right to drive, a practice that openly designates them as second-class citizens. As the world discovered in April, in Nigeria, young girls are abducted without swift or effective government action.


Leila Hatami’s Kiss

By now, we’ve all heard how Iranian actress Leila Hatami exchanged a kiss hello with the Cannes film festival president, 84 year-old Gilles Jacob. We’ve heard about Iran’s condemnation of Leila’s “inappropriate presence” at the festival, that was “not in line” with Iran’s religious beliefs. And of course, we all cringed at Leila’s public and embarrassed apology.


Arielle, Indiana University: A “Collective Sense of Shock”

‘Honor Diaries’ is getting around.  A lot.  It is amazing.

But there is something particularly special and gratifying about our local screenings.  When university students, community organizers, religious groups and concerned citizens contact us to set up a showing of ‘Honor Diaries’, when friends, colleagues and neighbors take valuable time out of their to-the-brim-filled day and dedicate it to the freedom of women.


‘Some Girls’ Won’t Stand for the Oppression of Women

Jillian Lauren, a New York Times bestselling author, is taking a stand against culture-based abuse and the oppression of women. Raised in a typical middle class New Jersey family, she went down an unexpected road, dropping out of college, becoming an escort and spending a year and a half living in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.


Jaafari Law in Iraq – A Giant Leap Backwards

If anything can be said for Iraq’s new Jaafari personal status law, it is that the scandalous and shocking new slew of rights which may be afforded to men at the expense of women and girls is drawing international attention to the unilateral usurpation of freedoms and subjugation of females which is still extant and flourishing in the world today.


Screening of the film “HONOR DIARIES” at the University of Michigan, Dearborn campus

From:  Raheel Raza, on behalf of Honor Diaries Date: April 3 Contact info: 416-505-6052 / I, the undersigned, am one of the women whose voice is heard in the free speech / women’s rights film “HONOR DIARIES.” On Thursday, March 27, 2014, the scheduled screening of HONOR DIARIES was canceled on the University of Read more about Screening of the film “HONOR DIARIES” at the University of Michigan, Dearborn campus[…]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – the Battle Against Child Marriage

Many little girls in the western world dream of the day when they will become brides, imagining themselves the most beautiful, special, and celebrated person in the world on that magical day.

However, for many girls around the world, marriage is not far away – and with it, all the responsibilities and duties of a wife. […]

Huffington Post Takes Up the Fight Against Honor Violence, Features ‘Honor Diaries’

The recent increase in coverage of the severe harms and ongoing threat of honor violence to women and girls which is taking place in the United States is very heartening.

Up until now, the overwhelming majority of attention the western world has given to the plight of women and girls who fight to survive in cultures dominated by “honor” has come from the United Kingdom and publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and the BBC.